Jazmina Jazzy Li


We invite you to visit us at our Holistic Integrative Health & Wellness Community located in Pacific Heights. You can find Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Muscle Therapy & Integrative Bodywork, Medical Services in our neighborhood to support your Health & Wellness Needs.

Within walking distance of Pacific Heights, the Marina,  California Pacfic Medical Center (CPMC-IHH), Kaiser, UCSF, JapanTown


What we do: Healing & Preventative Care Wellness Therapies, Focused Work for Injuries, Stress Management Full Body Therapy, Sports Muscle Work & Integrative Bodywork, Relax n Rejuvenate Therapy, Workplace Ergonomic & Repetitive Motion issues … Our work will help you Reconnect with yourself…nurture and optimize you to live/play/work heal and recover better in your body.

Our style includes sharing positive energy, healing touch,
intuitive bodywork combined with nutrition and wellness lifestyle coaching and